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Things To Do: FMBC Championships!

The Florida Marching Band Championships are happening this November! If you're a student attending the FMBC (Florida Marching Band Championships) in Clearwater, FL, congratulations! Think you'll have some free time between rehearsals and performances? Here are some suggestions for things to do:

Explore Clearwater Beach: Clearwater Beach is known for its beautiful sandy shores and clear blue waters. Take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. You can swim, sunbathe, play beach volleyball, or even try water sports like paddleboarding or jet skiing.

Visit Pier 60: Located on Clearwater Beach, Pier 60 is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Take a stroll along the pier, enjoy the stunning views, and browse the local vendors selling arts, crafts, and souvenirs. If you visit in the evening, you can witness the daily Sunset Festival, which includes live music, street performers, and a beautiful sunset view.

Explore Clearwater Marine Aquarium: If you're interested in marine life, visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It is home to rescued dolphins, sea turtles, otters, and more. You can learn about marine conservation efforts, watch animal presentations, and even have close encounters with some of the resident animals.

Take a boat tour: Clearwater offers various boat tours that allow you to explore the surrounding waters and spot dolphins in their natural habitat. You can choose from dolphin-watching cruises, sunset cruises, or even pirate-themed cruises for a fun and memorable experience.

Enjoy water sports: Clearwater is a great place to engage in water sport activities. You can rent kayaks, paddleboards, or jet skis and explore the coast at your own pace. There are also options for parasailing if you're feeling adventurous.

Explore downtown Clearwater: Downtown Clearwater has a vibrant atmosphere with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Take a walk down Cleveland Street, visit local boutiques, grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants, or catch a movie at the Capitol Theatre.

Visit the Clearwater Library: If you're looking for a quiet and educational space, head to the Clearwater Library. You can browse through a wide range of books, use their study areas, or participate in any ongoing events or workshops.

Play mini-golf or go-karting: For some fun and friendly competition, head to one of the local mini-golf courses or go-kart tracks. It's a great way to unwind and enjoy some leisure time with your friends.

Remember to check the schedule of your rehearsals and performances to ensure you have enough time for these activities. Enjoy your time at the FMBC Championships and make the most of your free time in Clearwater, FL!


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