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Created by a chaperone
for chaperones.

Dave Dagostino of Naples, FL was more than just a father; he was a dedicated "band dad" at Gulf Coast High School. Alongside his two kids, he managed equipment on numerous band trips to cities like Chicago and New York. These trips, while exciting, were often chaotic: misplaced students, cumbersome paper itineraries, and endless group texts made each journey a challenge. After one particularly trying trip, Dave thought, "There needs to be an app for this." That's when Apperone took root.

Now, Apperone is the streamlined solution for student travel. It's a user-friendly app that addresses the needs of both tour companies and their customers. By choosing Apperone, you're choosing efficiency and showing your commitment to a quality travel experience.



To keep the chaos organized and accounted for, manual, slow, and antiquated methods of spreadsheets, emails, and countless headcounts were painfully employed. This was… until one man, Dave “The Band Dad” Dagostino said “there should be an app for that”, and then there was.

Introducing Apperone, your band’s virtual chaperone and trip management platform.
We turn band trip chaos and headache into a beautifully synchronized performance. 

Group travel made safe and simple.

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