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Getting Started

Using Apperone is simple!

Whether you're part of a school, a performance arts group, a church, or even a family, Apperone ensures everyone enjoys a safer and more organized trip.


At its core, Apperone serves Trip Leaders (such as teachers, tour guides, and parents) and their Travelers.

We cater to groups of all sizes, ensuring your trips are both safe and well-organized.

How it Works...

Every group receives a License Key for a one-time setup fee. This ley provides platform access and the freedom to organize unlimited trips. 


Usership Levels:


Trip Leader/Official

The primary authority for the trip. They're responsible for all travelers, managing check-ins, tracking data, and setting itineraries. (We'll guide you through your first itinerary setup!)



Ideal for trips with multiple smaller groups. Chaperones oversee and track only their designated group members.



Those eager to embark on their journey! I'd probably add just a bit more information about this user level.




Bonus: Parents!

With a traveler's permission, parents can stay informed about itinerary updates and even track their traveler's location.

To include users in a trip, Trip Leaders (or Administrators) use Credits.
For credits, click here.

For Larger Groups...

Extra Administrative Roles

For larger entities like School Districts or Tour Companies managing multiple groups, Apperone has specialized administrative roles. If you oversee several groups (beyond multiple trips), contact us to understand the beast administrative structure for your needs.

Tour Companies

Tour companies can also benefit from unique incentives with Apperone. Learn how our platform not only enhances trip safety and organization but also becomes a revenue opportunity. 

Getting Set Up

To get started, schedule a brief discovery call with our Customer Education Team.

Your initial setup fee will include white glove service for your first trip. Our team will sit alongside you in a one-on-one virtual training session to set up your first trip and equip you with the user-friendly process to set up trips for yourself in the future. 

Complete the form to get started today!

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Ready to Order?

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