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Designed for Safety and Convenience.

The features of our mobile application make planning your next group trip simple while maximizing the safety of your participants. 

Plan your next trip with Apperone!


Live & Editable Itinerary

Detailed, Organized and Manageable 

No one ever has to wonder what the plan is as all travelers have access to a detailed itinerary; send reminders of upcoming events or plans ahead of time to keep everyone organized; send notifications to participants when there’s a last-minute change.

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Live Tracking & Geo-Fencing.

Prioritize Safety and Freedom

Create areas for students to freely explore while still being monitored; Chaperones and admins receive instant notification if a student leaves the geo-fence; Multi-layers of tracking allow Chaperones and admins to monitor different groups.  

QR Chek-In

Live & Easy
QR Check-In

Simple, Smart, and Convenient

Waste less time taking roll and increase safety while quickly verifying all students are present; Get rid of clipboards and checklists with a totally paperless procedure; Take attendance simultaneously across multiple vehicles, allowing admins to know everyone is present.

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Parent Notifications

Live Parent Notifications

Peace of Mind from Home

Real-time tracking gives parents peace of mind knowing their child is safe and exactly where they’re supposed to be; receive alerts when itineraries change, helping them stay connected at all times; view photo albums, and share all the special experiences from afar. 

Photo Sharing

Photo-Sharing & Communication

Connection and Experience

No need for multiple text groups with in-app communication, using group-specific or person-specific threads for ease of contact; everyone on the trip, including parents back home, has easy access to pictures with a central photo-sharing hub. 


Still have a question?
We can help!

View the frequently asked questions below for more help or feel free to contact us. We'd love to answer any questions you may have!

  • What is the cost?
    Pricing varies based on size of group and number of trips. Please schedule a demo for more information.
  • What if my phone dies on the trip?
    The Chaperone and Admin will be notified that the phone has gone offline when the system loses tracking. Once recharged, the system will automatically find and begin tracking the user. Even with a dead phone, Check-in can still be handled manually.
  • What if I don't have a phone?
    If you do not have a phone at this time you cannot be tracked by Apperone. The system requires a mobile device with Location Services activated.
  • Do you need location services turned on?
    Yes, Apperone requires Location Services to be turned on. Location Services can be set “Allow While Using the App,” as long as the app is not closed. The Chaperone and Admin will be notified when Location Services are turned off.
  • When does Apperone track my location?
    Apperone will only track and record locations during the active time of the trip. It will start when the trip begins and stop tracking at its conclusion. Apperone will NEVER track or record locations when you are not on an active trip.
  • Who can see the location data?
    The app will only track locations during an active trip. Admins can see the location of all users in their purview. Chaperones can only see the location of participants assigned to his/her group. Parents can only see the location of their child.
  • How are Participants and Chaperones entered into the system?
    Participants can be entered either manually or through the import of a CSV file containing name, email and phone number. As Participants and Chaperones are registered they are asked to fill in the rest of their info to populate the database of users.
  • Who can upload and view photos?
    Anybody on the trip, including invited Parents, can upload and view all of the photos. The Admin has the choice to mandate an approval process to screen any photo uploaded by a Participant before they go live to the group.
  • How are parents included on the trip?
    Each Participant can invite any number of family or friends to follow along on the trip. This allows the invitee to see the Participants location, see the itinerary in real time with any changes, and view all photos.
  • Is there In-App communication?
    Yes, there are a number of different levels of communication. Chaperones and Admins can communicate separately from Chaperones and their groups. Admins can send global alerts across the system to everybody, Participants only, Chaperones only, Parents only, or a custom group that they can create.
  • How do I learn more about Apperone?
    You can learn more by scheduling a Live Demo with our Customer Education team!
  • How do I get Apperone?
    Simply go to to complete your form and payment. Your account will be activated within 24-48 business hours. For expedited options, please contact [email protected].
  • Where can I get support?
    To get support, you can either reach out to your Onboarding manager, or you can go to to submit a ticket.
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