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Making the Most of Your Free Time: Activities for Students on the Walt Disney World Marching Tour

A band director's guide for students' free time.

The Walt Disney World Marching Tour is an extraordinary experience for school band students, combining their love for music with the enchantment of Walt Disney World in Orlando. While rehearsals and performances are the primary focus, it's essential to provide students with some free time to explore the parks and create unforgettable memories. If your band has a limited four-hour window of free time, here are some fantastic activities they can enjoy on Disney property.

Park Hopping Adventure

With four hours to spare, encourage your students to embark on a park hopping adventure. Walt Disney World offers four main parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Each park has its own unique attractions, shows, and experiences. Students can prioritize their favorite rides, explore iconic landmarks, and soak in the magical ambiance of multiple parks. Remind them to use their time wisely and plan their itinerary to maximize their enjoyment.

Character Meet and Greets

Disney characters hold a special place in everyone's hearts, regardless of age. Students can use their free time to meet beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, or Buzz Lightyear. Encourage them to bring autograph books for character signatures and capture memorable photos. Character meet and greets provide an opportunity for students to interact with the magic firsthand and create cherished mementos of their time at Walt Disney World.

Disney Springs Exploration

Disney Springs, an entertainment district at Walt Disney World, offers a myriad of exciting activities, shops, and dining options. Students can stroll through the lively streets, browse unique stores, and indulge in delicious treats. From world-class dining to captivating live entertainment, Disney Springs provides a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere for students to unwind and enjoy the essence of Disney away from the parks.

Resort Hopping and Recreational Fun

Walt Disney World boasts an array of beautifully themed resorts, each with its own charm and attractions. Students can take advantage of their free time to explore different resorts and enjoy their recreational offerings. From water parks to miniature golf courses, students can cool off, relax, and engage in friendly competition. This allows them to experience the magic beyond the parks and discover hidden gems within the resort property.

Disney Photo Challenge

Challenge your students to embark on a Disney-themed photo scavenger hunt during their free time. Provide them with a list of specific locations, landmarks, or characters they must capture in photographs. This activity encourages students to explore the parks with a sense of adventure, allowing them to discover hidden corners and lesser-known attractions. The photos they capture will serve as lasting memories of their unique Disney experience.

Enjoy a Quick-Service Meal

Encourage students to try out one of the many quick-service dining options available throughout the parks. From iconic Mickey-shaped snacks to delectable meals, Walt Disney World offers a wide range of culinary delights. Students can savor the flavors of Disney while enjoying a leisurely meal. Remind them to factor in wait times and consider mobile ordering to save valuable time.

While the Walt Disney World Marching Tour primarily focuses on musical performances, allowing students a few hours of free time enhances their overall experience and allows them to create their own magical moments. Whether they choose to park hop, meet their favorite characters, explore Disney Springs, enjoy recreational activities, participate in a photo challenge, or savor a quick-service meal, these activities ensure that every moment at Walt Disney World counts. By making the most of their limited free time, students will return home with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the enchantment of Disney. So, embrace the joy and adventure that awaits during those precious hours of exploration!


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