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Here Are the Best Destinations for Marching Band Trips

High school marching bands often look for destinations that offer a combination of performance opportunities, educational experiences, and enjoyable attractions. Here are some of the top destinations for high school marching band trips:

  1. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA: Disney World is a popular choice due to its exceptional performance opportunities. Bands can march in parades, entertain park guests, and participate in workshops and clinics.

  2. New York City, New York, USA: The "Big Apple" offers a vibrant cultural scene and iconic landmarks. High school bands can march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, perform at Times Square, visit Broadway theaters, and explore renowned museums.

  3. Washington, D.C., USA: The nation's capital provides marching bands with the chance to perform in prestigious venues such as the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, and the U.S. Capitol. Students can also visit important historical sites and renowned museums.

  4. Chicago, Illinois, USA: Known for its rich musical heritage, Chicago offers marching bands the opportunity to perform in events like the St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Students can explore world-class museums and enjoy the city's vibrant atmosphere.

  5. San Francisco, California, USA: Bands visiting San Francisco can perform in parades such as the Chinese New Year Parade and the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Students can also explore iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Fisherman's Wharf.

  6. London, England: For bands looking to travel internationally, London provides a fantastic cultural experience. Bands can perform in events like the New Year's Day Parade and explore famous sites like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the West End theater district.

  7. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto offers excellent performance opportunities, including the Santa Claus Parade and the Toronto International Music Festival. Bands can also visit attractions such as the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, and Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.

These destinations provide a mix of performance platforms, educational opportunities, and exciting attractions, making them popular choices for high school marching band trips. And with Apperone, planning and managing your trip is easier than ever!


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