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Group travel made
safe and simple.

Apperone is the nation's #1 app for safe and convenient group travel.





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Experience Apperone Live
at the 2024 AMEA Conference

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Imagine an app that prioritizes safety and maximizes convenience for chaperones & administrators.

Apperone helps you simplify group travel by offering a stress-free solution to planning, managing, and executing your trip.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and endless documents with a smart, intuitive app that keeps you organized and gets you back to having fun.

All while prioritizing the safety of your travelers. 

Safe. Simple. Smart.

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Live Tracking
& Geo-Fencing

Grant freedom to students within safe boundaries, receive instant alerts if a geo fence is breached, and ensure multi-layered group monitoring. 

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Easy QR

Ensure efficiency with paperless, real-time, simultaneous check-ins across multiple vehicles, saving time and boosting safety.

Live & Editable Itinerary

Give all travelers access to the detailed itinerary, and notify them easily when there's a last minute change.

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Parent Notifications

Get parents involved with live notifications. Give them peace of mind knowing their child is safe and exactly where they're supposed to be.

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Are you done with all the chaos that comes with running a group trip?

Take Your First Trip With Apperone!

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Keep Everyone In The Loop With Detailed Itinerary and Live Updates.

What are you waiting for?

Request an Apperone demo and get started today!

Let us help you make your group travel safe and simple.

Apperone is a game changer for group travel!  Whether you're taking a group to New York City or a Friday night football game, Apperone provides you and your adult volunteers the tools needed to help ensure your students are accounted for and safe.  Apperone really is the perfect app for student group travel!  

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Chris Lindley

Retired Band Director

President - American Travel Consulting

Tim Dykstra
Band Director

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